Plumber's Service, Inc.

3200 E. Maple Road

Milford, Michigan 48381

(248) 685-8440

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Plumber's Service is a full-service sewer and drain cleaning and repair business in Southeastern Michigan. We are experts in providing the following services to residential, commercial, industrial and municipal customers.


Sewer and Drain Cleaning

Thorough cleaning of all sizes of sewer and drain lines.


High-velocity jet flushing and cleaning of any size sewer.

MDEQ Certified Vactor Work

Cleaning of catch basins, oil interceptors and industrial waste handling and disposal.

Radio Detection

Prompt radio locating of sewers, drains, septic tanks and concealed holding tanks. Pinpointing of defects in all sizes of underground lines, within inches, to depths of 20 feet.


Scanning of sewer and drain lines to evaluate integrity of pipe, with DVD'x provided.

Landscape-Saving No-Dig Technology

Pipe Bursting with Pipe Genie:

Hydraulic replacement of defective sewer and drain lines with minimal excavation.

Structural Pipe Lining with Formadrain:

Rehabilitation of defective sewer and drain lines with little or no excavation.


Repairing or replacing of water, sewer and drain lines; concrete sawing, breaking, hauling and restructuring of defective catch basins.

Steamer Jetting

Thawing of frozen sewer and drain lines.

Confined Space

Confined space certified.

Leak Detection

Detection of sewer gas leaks utilizing specialized smoke equipment.

RootX and Bio-Clean

Treatments for control of root growth in sewer lines, and soap and grease build-up in drain lines.

Worry-Free Maintenance Service

Pre-scheduled maintenance service to avoid unpleasant and costly back-ups.